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Rich is caught performing magic and showing poker cheats & stunts all over the world...

(Although some people below may be considered friends of Rich Ferguson, these pictures are for entertainment purposes. Nobody pictured makes any endorcements toward any beliefs, opinions or products. All pictures are property of Official Poker and can not be duplicated without the permission of the faces pictured.)

Clancy Brown - what a guy!

Ron Jeremy on the WB

Jay Leno


Kelly Ozbourne VIP party

Chris Rock gets Rocked!

Drew Carey

Champion fighter Chuck Liddell

Rich awarded for magic

Weird Al gets blown away with card work!

The guys from 38 Special

Tony Shalhoub -at the Academy Awards- Magic!

Guiness Book of World Records Award with the Pendragons!

Mac King - Vegas Superstar Comedy Magician

Gil Orr and Paul Johnson -
Legend creators of "Surf Music"
. i.e. "wipeout!"

Michael Anderson -
"Samson" HBO's Carnivale

Todd Steele, CFO
World Poker Tour

That's right... a poker playing Chimp! - "Mikey"

2x Baseball All Star
Brian Fuentes

VIP with Snoop Dogg
Academy Awards 2007 with
Eric Roberts!
Wonderful metnalist Eugene Burger
and Actor Steve Valentine
Rich teasing Kat Dennings for her role
in 40 Year Old Virgin!
The Legendary Cyril!

Amazing Poker Stars we can all look up too!...

Annie Duke - what a gal!

Antonio Esfandiari - "The Magician!"

The Charming but deadly
Daniel Negreanu

Host and Player
Phil Gordon

Guss Hanson

Liz Lieu - Poker Diva

Luca Pagano - Italy's Star

Phil Hellmuth

Phil Laak - Unabomber
Jennifer Tilly

Sal Piacente - Cheating Expert

Hot off the Press! - Horn Radio Network - Premier Guest! - Interview, mp3 (20 minutes, 5.9mb)
Bluff Poker Radio - Sports Byline USA - Armed Forces Radio - Interview, mp3 (15 minutes, 2mb)
Hold'em Radio! Psychology, Chip Tricks, Table Image...- Interview, mp3 (18 minutes, 3.1mb)
2006 WSOP Videos from! Check out Rich!
A SWEET Podcast Interview by the DVD Host explaining iy all! Interview.mp3 (8 minutes, 8mb)

Press Release 11/15/06 - Official Poker, Inc. releases Poker Chip and Card Handling 4-DVD Gift Box Set
Press Release 7/30/06 - Impress Friends and Up the Ante with Official Poker Series Vols. 1-4 on DVD
Press Release 3/8/06 - First ipod and Digital Download source for Texas Hold’em Poker Players and Magicians is released!
Press Release 10/11/05 - Official Poker, Inc releases 4-of-a-Kind Poker DVD Series
Press Release 5/16/05 - Poker DVD Pair is Better than Pocket Aces
Press Release 4/1/05 - Bluff Magazine's Newest Columnist Poker Chip Trickster Rich Ferguson
Press Release 2/10/05 - Official Poker Inc. (OPI) Announces World’s First Poker Chip Tricks DVD.

Dream for Kids Commercial / Lindamood Bell Learning Processes hosted by Rich Ferguson (4mb)

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