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"We have had the opportunity to work with many people around the world but Bluff Magazine chose Rich because we believe he is the best! Rich is the authority on Poker Chip Tricks and stunts with cards!

I can't wait to see more! My subscribers are waiting for Chip Tricks and stunts like this! Great job!"

Eric Morris
Publisher/President, Bluff Media/ Bluff Magazine, The Thrill of Poker,,

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Review of Card Stunts-

"...It’s a first rate DVD that provides excellent instruction...

...Throughout, the DVD features excellent production values and Ferguson does a great job of demonstrating and explaining each technique..." Review of Shuffles & Cuts DVD-

"...As in his other DVDs, Rich Ferguson offers first rate instruction. He demonstrates a move, explains it, step-by-step, and when needed, teaches via an over-the-shoulder view so you don’t have to transpose his movements. And throughout, the DVD serves high-quality video and sound. This is a very professional production..." Review of Chip Tricks DVD-

"...For those who want to show off with poker chips, Rich Ferguson’s Official Poker Chip Tricks DVD offers a comprehensive collection of stunts that you can learn and perform. Throughout, Ferguson does an excellent job of demonstrating his techniques. And whether you want to twirl, stack, shuffle or roll poker chips, Ferguson’s first rate DVD shows you how...The DVD features professional production values, and Ferguson does a great job of explaining and teaching each stunt..."

-Wayne N. Kawamoto
-Wayne N. Kawamoto


Rich is the spark that has fired my practicing his effects. I now practice every day. I was stunned how quickly I was able to achieve progress. For decades I couldn't motivate myself to practice conjuring. Rich is awesome! I will be forever grateful, as I am determined to become very good at my favorite effects from all four DVDs.

-Bruce Jenkins
------------------------------------------------------------------------ Review-

"...So, I looked around for instruction on how to do this and came upon a few DVD's - the best of which was Rich Ferguson's. (Rich is a professional magician and a poker player as well. He writes a column for Bluff Magazine on chip/card tricks,too.)

This professionally-produced DVD is quality stuff and you'll learn what you want to learn. After trying unsuccessfully to shuffle chips for months, after I viewed Rich's DVD, I was shuffling in no time.

He uses close-ups (a Steadicam, no less!) and wonderful explainations to keep you on track and not so frustrated while learning them..."

Bryan Dean, Moderator, MagicTalk


Got the DVD yesterday, watched it last night - totally cool!!! MANY THANKS for the DVD! I gotta say, your calm, complete, and up-close teaching style is EXCELLENT. The DVD jacket really looks good - man, top class, as usual from you guys!

The attention to detail on this DVD is clear and delightful. The stepped skill building is really nice - e.g., learning the pull-over before the shuffle. That makes it easy to train your fingers to do the tricks. Nicely edited, nicely structured.

...Just watching this made Diane and I want to sit down and learn & practice chip tricks!

Congrats, GREAT JOB, excellent quality.
Way thanks, really cool, ..."

Katin Imes (Poker Player, Magician, and Hypnotist)

"Chip Tricks will certainly improve your play and make you look like a pro!"

Greg Robinson, Poker Tournament Champion

"This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! This DVD has all the tricks I have seen and more- I can't imagine what is to come on the rest of the series! This really, really rocks!"

Bryce Littlejohn, Power Poker Player

"...Dig the DVD - got it so fast - thanks! Awesome teaching and quality!..."

Jamie Mitchell, Poker Player & Teacher

"Official Poker DVDs had the Most Popular results from our infocommercial!"

Templeton Elliott, TotalVid, Inc., a Landmark Communications company


"...Rich, your DVDs are our most popular picks for prizes! We have try to space them out over time so we do not run out!..."

Micheal Stoddart, Director, Canadian Online Poker League, International Online Poker League


"This is better than I thought it would be! Very cool stuff. If I can help out with anything, let me know. All of our players are giong to love this one!..."

Jason Bishop, Poker League

"...Got the DVD's today. MAN thats FAST! GREAT service thx! ...I've been watching em today and they are AWESOME!!! YOU are an absolutely fantastic artist! ...All the stuff I always wanted to learn! It's also very cool to be e-mailing and doing bizz half way around the world in PERSON! ...It was a pleasure doing bizz with you and hope to continue doing that in the future."

Dex, Poker Player from the Netherlands

"Hi Rich! Great website! I'm the Asian guy that talked to you near the end of Day 2 at the Expo, after you had met Daniel Negreanu. I wanted to thank you again for your time, your honesty, and for just being a genuine guy. I have to say that there aren't many people that could've pulled me away from Daniel Negreanu, but it was well worth hanging out at your booth! I've watched a couple of the DVDs so far, and they are great! You really break it down well. ... Thanks again Rich. And again, as I said to you last Friday, I think that you really should do some mega-shows, at least for poker players. You could make a killing - you have the talent, but more importantly, the personality. Take it easy.
All the Best,"

Victor Wang, University Instuctor

"These DVDs are very, very, very!
A BIG thanks from a great fan!"

Orelie Tieum, French Poker Enthusiast
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